10th Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest
10 - 15th November 2023


November 2023 (10th – 15th) will mark the 10th anniversary of this celebration of Australian and New Zealand movies. Since 2014, we have been showcasing contemporary cinema and culture from Australia and New Zealand in the form of the Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest and its accompanying events. Each year we present premieres of contemporary feature films and documentaries, student and short films, as well as iconic and distinctive archive movies.

Special screening in EDISON FILMHUB of BLUEBACK: September 21st 2023 at 8 pm

The events are organised by AKFF z.s., which is made up of a group of volunteers who like to devote their spare time to production, film and management. The main part of the festival takes place at the Lucerna Cinema in Prague, but an important part of the festival is the non-film program in the form of school screenings, discussions with filmmakers, lectures, exhibitions, public talks, book launches, charity screenings, meet ups with expats, tastings and parties.

The Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest is made possible thanks to grant funding from the City of Prague, the Australian Embassy in Warsaw and the Embassy of New Zealand in Berlin. Along with the Czech Australian New Zealand Association (CANZA) and since 2016, the Czech branch of the Australasian Business in Europe – ABIE we mutually support and cross promote each other. This festival is a reciprocal showcase of the Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia and the Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Sydney.

2014 – 2023 annual showcase of Aussie and Kiwi cinema at Lucerna and Ponrepo Cinemas in Prague

90 feature film screenings in Prague as well as in Brno, Olomouc, Pilsen and Bratislava

Special screenings of: The Dressmaker, Sweet Country, Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy, Babyteeth

Pop-up cinemas: at Rieger Park for the annual Australian and Kiwi Days as well as on the wall of the Champagneria Bar in the Old Town 

The pandemic moved the festival online and into open air cinemas:

2020 Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest ONLINE (nine feature films available on demand for 14 days through an online cinema platform)

2021 Aussie & Kiwi Film SUMMER 2021 – four films at the Kasárna Karlín and Cross Club summer cinemas + seven screenings at Lucerna, Ponrepo and Kino Pilotů + an open air New Zealand Day at Rieger Park

2022 Aussie & Kiwi Film SUMMER 22 – three premieres of feature films at Lucerna Cinema + short films + PRISMA at Bio OKO Cinema, a screening of student films by Prague City University graduates in Creative Media Production + open air Aussie and Kiwi Days at Rieger Park

Autumn 2022 – 9th year of the festival at Lucerna Cinema back in its traditional format, without any pandemic restrictions 

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!

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Become a festival partner, support a stable annual cultural event and connect your brand with a unique showcase of cinema and culture from two very attractive countries. The movies as well as the accompanying non-film events are attended by a growing community of people interested in film, travel, culture along with English- speaking expats living in Prague. Check out the festival’s Facebook and Instagram for photos and details about past years’ events that have captured the amazing atmosphere of AKFF events. You can also follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page for the latest updates on our events.

We look forward to seeing you at the cinema sometime in November 2023. See you there!

Festival highlights: 2014 – 2023

  • 90 screenings of contemporary feature films and documentaries, archive films, student and shorts
  • screenings held in 10 cinemas in total
  • 2014 – 2023 screening in Prague, Bratislava in 2015, and Brno, Olomouc and Plzeň in 2017
  • 4 special screenings (The Dressmaker, Sweet Country, Westwind: Djalu´s Legacy, Babyteeth)
  • accompanying events: discussions, workshops, degustations, concerts, exhibitions, drag show
  • online festival in 2020 (9 films on demand for 14 days)
  • Aussie & Kiwi Film SUMMER 21 – pop up cinema in Riegrovy sady and Champagneria Bar in Prague – 13 screenings at various venues around Prague
  • Aussie and Kiwi Days in Riegrovy sady (Prague 2) – open air culture festival for public (2021, 2022) – partner of festival held by CANZA, ABIE, Prague 2
  • Aussie & Kiwi Film SUMMER 22 in Cinema Lucerna

Markéta Vozková
Project & PR Manager
Phone: +420 606 623 009


AKFF, z. s., Rejskova 1996/10, Vinohrady (Praha 2), 120 00 Praha


If you are interested in supporting the organizing association of AKFF, please contact us at info@aussiefilmfest.cz.